About Cindy Valoura

        • Over 35 years of hands on experience with horses 
          • Graduate of The Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices, California 2010       
  • AANHCP Certified NHC Practitioner, ISNHCP Field Instructor and Clinician
  • B.A. in Communications, Summa Cum Laude - Ramapo College of New Jersey
  • Professional Stable Manager for over 10 years responsible for the acquisition, care and training of 17 therapy horses.

For many years I was certified therapeutic riding instructor teaching people with disabilities to ride and enjoy horses. In that line of work one develops an unbelievable respect for the capacity of horses to connect with people and to help make their lives better.  Out of that respect came my personal commitment to do everything in my power to give the horses the best life possible.

The chronic lameness of a therapy horse named Flash became my inspiration to research alternatives that might help him to become sound and continue working.  In my search I discovered the AANHCP and the Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices.  While the many benefits of horses being barefoot was new to me, the more I learned the more it just made sense.

During my years as a certified natural hoof care practitioner I have had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing changes that take place when the horse’s diet, lifestyle and hoof care are naturalized.  A whole horse approach and the natural trim resulted in a truly remarkable difference for horses in my care.  Episodes of colic disappeared or were drastically minimized with 24/7 turnout, chronic lamenesses were resolved, grumpy attitudes changed to pleasant demeanors and horses once labeled as clumsy became surefooted.  It is an absolute thrill to see these changes firsthand.

I enjoy sharing natural hoof and horse care concepts and applications with the large community of horse enthusiasts in New Jersey and surrounding areas.