Flash's Story - A search for soundness

A therapy horse named Flash led me to natural hoof care.  Flash had developed chronic lameness in his left front hoof and was unable to continue working as a therapy horse for people with disabilities.  The veterinarian traced the pain to his hoof and specifically the heel but the exact cause of this pain was not determined.  

Despite all efforts Flash continued to be lame and eventually treatments were exhausted.  It seemed Flash would be chronically lame for the rest of his life. Troubled by his discomfort and inability to do his job, I began a search on the internet.  A search for the possibility of soundness.  That was when I discovered the AANHCP and the Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices and soon headed for training in California.  

The AANHCP motto is, "Cause no harm - respect the healing powers of nature".  From Jaime Jackson I learned about the ways in which we interfere with healing and the healing powers of nature.  I thought about Flash often during my training and wondered if he, in fact, just needed the opportunity to heal.  Could it really be that simple?  So, nature became our last hope for a future of soundness and I returned to New Jersey prepared to support Flash in a path of natural healing.  Had I not seen the rapid progress with my own eyes I don't think I could believe it.  I am excited to share it with you here!

Before I pulled Flash's shoes on December 30, 2010...



Flash's hooves on January 10, 2011....



This is the same hoof shown above 
with the shoe on...11 days later.

Three months after his shoes were pulled he was sound on concrete.

December, 2011 marks one year since Flash's shoes were pulled.  Our barefoot natural hoof care journey has been one full of hope, suspense and heart.  I couldn't possibly have hoped for more and am thrilled to share good news. Flash is sound and back to working with his students as a therapy horse.  He is a much happier horse and is enjoying his new and improved feet.  I hope that his story will help others to see what is possible when we trust the healing powers of nature.

A picture says a thousand words...

Comparison photos taken one year apart
December, 2010 and December, 2011
Me and Flash