The clientele of Cross Equine Consulting, LLC consists of owners who are committed to keeping their horses barefoot and naturally trimmed.  It can be a lonely road to do things outside the traditional horse keeping protocols and they have faced a lot of resistance and criticism.  
They have continued to listen to their horses above all else. 
The results of natural hoof care speak volumes.  
Meet the horses and their humans...

Wicked and Katie Pontone
Wicked and Katie Pontone at Devon (2012)
Despite pressure to shoe Wicked, in the beginning of the 2012 show season her owners opted instead for natural hoof care. Wicked went on to be the 2012 National Pony Jumper Champion and USEF Horse of the Year despite being blind in one eye. While traveling around the country showing, Katie took over doing natural trims on her own horses and continues to trim them herself.

Belladonna and Katie Pontone at Devon (2013)
After a year of naturally trimmed success with
Wicked, Katie no longer wanted to ride shod horses.
Bella has been out of shoes and doing great since early 2013. 

Me with Belladonna and Katie Pontone at Devon (2013)
Zone 2 High Adult Amateur Champion

Olin, Owned by Crystal Szobonya
The top picture shows Olin the day his shoes were pulled. Below is him after over a year of being barefoot. 
He stands more comfortably and his hooves have changed dramatically for the better.