Problem Areas for Horses and People

Learn the reasons behind your horse's behavior and the techniques that will help your horse.  These behaviors CAN and should be addressed as they put your safety at risk. 

Initially Cindy will work directly with your horse to help build its confidence and acceptance.  It is very important for owners to learn the proper techniques for addressing these issues to keep the horse progressing. 

Some examples of common problems areas:

Trailer loading
Paste worming
Farrier work
Dental work
Body sensitivity and defensiveness
Not standing still for mounting
Difficult to lead (crowding handler, dragging handler, won't move)
Food Aggression
Bolting at turnout
Hard to catch in field
Territorial behavior in stall
Excessive Spooking 

The list goes on and on when it comes to areas that become problems for horses and people.  In my experience, tranquilizers and the use of a chain over the horse's nose are the most common solutions people resort to for many of these problems.  While they may serve to control the horse for the moment they don't address the root of the problem or improve the horse's behavior for the future.