After being away from horses for some 30 years, I landed my dream job caring for them and was shocked to realize how intimidated and fearful I had become.  Thanks to Cindy Ross’s vast knowledge, endless patience and a true gift for teaching, I have gained a whole new understanding of how horses think and communicate.  Cindy has given me the confidence and the tools I need to conquer my fear, be safe and have fun again.  Her kind and easy manner made it easy for me to learn and I can’t thank her enough.  Cindy truly understands horses inside and out.  It’s her passion; it’s infectious and if you really want a good relationship with horses, look no further!

Debbie Glenn, Ocean, NJ

It’s hard for me to put into words all of the knowledge I’ve gained from Cindy Ross. With all her heart she genuinely wants us to have a healthy, safe and fun relationship with the thousand pound animals in our lives. 

Cindy is immensely kind. I have gotten myself into some tricky situations and Cindy always stands back calmly, ready and willing to give help when I’m ready for it. She never pushes anything on me or makes me feel stupid for my mistakes. Her attitude is simply supportive and positive; in this manner she shows me the skills and tools I need to accomplish all of my goals. My career in the horse world has prospered immensely.

I recently surprised myself when walking into the stall of an unknown horse and realizing that I had control of the situation, that I could assess it, attempt to understand what the horse was telling me and get the results I needed. This new confidence has been an amazing asset in nearly every aspect of my life.

I cannot thank Cindy enough for the incredible influence she has had on me and my interaction with the equines in my life.

Alexandra Kalman, Montvale, NJ